Chronic Asthma & Allergies


42 year old female with severe "hay fever" since she was a kid. She received allergy shots as a teenager that were ineffective. Uses inhaler and advair intermittently since childhood. Taking bronchodilators intermittently since 2000.  She experiences allergies and swollen sinuses, especially early in the fall when it is particularly terrible. Severe allergies and nasal constriction affect sleeping and talking. 

Health Concerns

At intake, the client had been suffering with allergies and swollen sinuses for 2 months. She was unable to sleep due to nasal blockage/congestion. She was having difficulty speaking due the blocked nasal passages forcing her to breathe through her mouth.  Condition worsens with standing and speaking and improves with movement. Asthma worsened last year after her mother's death, forcing her to increase her inhaler use to avoid a serious attack and use emergency medication. She reports high stress and anxiety from work and life. She experienced insomnia with wakefulness for an hour every night.  Regularly experiences cold sweats. Currently uses an inhaler twice per day for a month as therapeutic maintenance.  Face is visibly red and swollen around eyes and nose.


After her first treatment, the client noticed improvement in breathing for four days. She also reported that her medications seemed to be more effective when she had to take them in those first four days.

After the fourth treatment, symptoms were worse for a day and then started to clear and get much better, at which time she switched to the lighter 12-hour allergy medication instead of 24-hour, sinus congestion and swelling as well as sleep had significantly improved. As treatment progressed allergies continually and gradually improved. 

Post nasal drip is now gone, no asthma attacks or allergies. Cold sweats noticeably reduced.  


She continued maintenance treatments over the next three months. She later contracted a cold minor cold virus, recovered quickly and did not suffer with nasal congestion, asthma or chest heaviness. After a year-and-a-half of maintenance care she went to China with no health problems and was not affected by the latest allergy season.