Dr. Becky Paskind LCSW, PhD


Dr. Becky Paskind

Support for Vibrant Aging

Gerontology found me when I was not looking. I thought I was going to have a career working with children. Many moons ago I developed a volunteer program providing friendly visits to elders among other services. Talking with elders about how they feel and what they need, miss and celebrate, I fell in love and discovered that our elders need more supportive services than are available. I wanted to help fill that gap and I have not looked back since. I could not be happier. Life after 50 is a time of dynamic change and growth personally. For so long, we believed development stopped when we made it to adulthood. Now we are learning this is quite far from true. I support individuals, couples, families and caregivers as they navigate the important transitions of later life. No one as to feel depressed, alone, bored, isolated and forgotten as is commonly feared. Your eldering can be vibrant, exciting and happy.