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Dry Salt Therapy

Halo therapy (also known as dry salt therapy) is an effective, natural and drug-free therapy which provides relief from many respiratory and skin conditions. Salt therapy’s revitalizing effects benefits both adults and children suffering with respiratory and skin Issues.

How it works…

When you heat salt, it becomes super dry, and kinetically more active. This heated and dry pure sodium chloride is then crushed into micro-sized particles and dispersed into the air in an enclosed environment. When micro-particles of dry salt is inhaled into the respiratory system, it does its job by absorbing and removing allergens, toxins and foreign substances in your lungs and throughout your respiratory tract. Salt also reduces any inflammation and opens airway passages making it easier to breathe.

Pure “dry” sodium chloride is heated and ground up in a machine called a halogenerator. The micro-sized crushed salt particles are then dispersed into the air in an enclosed environment (Salt Room, Halo Bed, Halo Booth, Halo cabin. These particles of fine salt penetrate deep within the respiratory system and work to remove mucus buildup and eliminate bacteria and toxins. This unique process helps open and expand the constricted airways allowing individuals to breathe easier and more clearly.

Dry salt therapy also provides amazing skin rejuvenating benefits when the epidermis is exposed during treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Many patients who have asthma, allergies and other bronchial issues have seen some amazing results in a short period of time. Breathing became easier; more energy was experienced and just an overall better quality of life. In addition, those who have severe skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, or acne have also had incredible improvements i the health of their skin

  • Halotherapy offers the best results when practiced regularly. The benefits are accumulative and consistency and frequency is the key. People with chronic issues will benefit greatly if visiting salt rooms at least 3-4 times a week. Those who are looking to incorporate Salt Therapy into their regular wellness routine would benefit from a weekly session. Halotherapy is safe to use on a daily basis if desire.

  • Our halobed is the most effective way to receive halotherapy and delivers a therapeutic dose in just 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Halotherapy is very safe. However, because halothery has a detoxifying effect by releasing toxins and bacteria from the body, people who are taking certain medication might want to wait until they are done with the medication. Always check with your doctor before starting and Salt Therapy treatments if you are taking any medications for sever conditions.

  • Normally there are no side effects. Some people might experience a scratchy throat, cough and/or tickle in their sinuses as the salt therapy loosens and releases mucus/phlegm build up. Others who might be slightly more sensitive could experience a minor skin irritation, which tends to go away after a session or two.

Suzan is one of the very best. She is incredibly detailed in her diagnostic and therapeutic skills. Whether it be performing shiatsu, acupuncture or Chinese medicine, her in-depth knowledge of the mind and body, and it’s connections, make her an exceptional therapist.
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Longmont, CO
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