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Siri Schubert Nicolella

Corrective Personal Training & Massage

Siri Schubert Nicolella

Siri offers a hybrid of therapeutic massage and bodywork, energy medicine, Shock Wave therapy and corrective personal training. With 24+ years of traditional massage experience, she uses myofascial release, structural integration, Five Element Acupressure and soft tissue & joint manipulation. Her experience working in physical rehabilitation shows in her bodywork as she offers a deeper understanding of how your fascia and mental health influences how you move and show up in this world and how you can overcome these patterns to feel freedom of movement and pain free. 

Siri comes to work with a sense of compassion and empathy for pain in the body, inspired by personal experience with a spinal injury and the rehabilitation process early in life. She has a daily practice of meditation and a fascination with recent discoveries in neuroscience that prove our innate ability to heal beyond what western medicine can offer. 

She is proud to work with and has experience with all kinds of bodies. Siri loves supporting healthy healing by teaching body/mind connection through breath, meditation and functional movement inspired by Pilates and Feldenkrais, Paul Chek, Anatomy Trains and through the healing arts of Jin Shin Tara and Contemplative Psychology. 

Siri has a booming practice located in Longmont Colorado where she works alongside various practitioners including Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Rolfing, Psychotherapy, and Functional Medicine. This allows for a truly holistic client experience as the healers work together to give you results and tools for maintenance.

  • Graduate of Alexandar School of Massage 1999
  • BA in Contemplative Psychology with an emphasis in Health and Healing 2004
  • Jin Shin Tara Certified, 2003
  • NASM Certified, 2008
  • CHEK Level 1 Certification, 2011
  • Koa Fit Functional Movement Certification, 2013
  • Precision Nutrition Coach Certification, 2015
  • Advanced student of Dr. Joe Dispenza current 
  • Advanced student of Thomas Myers and Anatomy Trains

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