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  • Acupuncture Provides Natural Relief from Recurring Sinus Issues

    If your sinuses are blocked, you might feel like there’s pressure building up in your face. You might also feel congested and develop a headache. While over-the-counter decongestants can provide some short-term relief, they aren’t great for long-term use. If you want to try a more natural route or have a recurring sinus issues acupuncture may help.

    Posted on November 12 2020

  • Salt Therapy Helps with Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

    Allergies could be very discomforting, with the constant runny nose, sneezes, itchy teary eyes, and recurrent cough that come with the condition, you could have a bad day without treatment. Salt therapy or halotherapy is a natural treatment which reduces the symptoms and frequency of episodes of these allergies.

    Posted on August 13 2020

  • Acupuncture Relieves Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

    Acupuncture has been used to treat seasonal allergies for centuries with great success. According to traditional medicine, treatment is directed toward clearing the nasal passages, supporting the immune system and strengthening the systems of the body to prevent allergic reactions from recurring.

    Posted on August 11 2020

  • Salt Therapy Might Be the Answer to Relieving Your Seasonal Allergies

    Salt therapy (aka Halotherapy) is a spa treatment that uses salt vapor to treat respiratory ailments like asthma, allergies, and cold viruses, along with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

    Posted on July 23 2020