Injury Rehab & Recovery


54 year old female in car / bicycle collision: loss of consciousness, concussion, multiple fractures of right fifth digit, deep bruises/contusions along legs and right shoulder. Patient was admitted to hospital and underwent surgery to set the fractures in right hand. Month-long concussion care at home before beginning acupuncture care.

Health Concerns

Contusions on right leg caused deep trough-like depressions four inches in length along lateral right thigh and three inches on lower lateral shin. Diminished sensation and grip strength in hand and diminished/altered sensation along lateral leg. Initially swelling and inflammation impeded any range of motion of the fifth digit/pinkie finger.


Treatment methods are acupuncture, Gua Sha, topical herbal treatments, cupping and myofascial release techniques in concert with OT and PT.


Three months of weekly sessions focusing on post-concussion symptoms(dizziness, pain, lack of focus, sleep disruption) and pain/inflammation reduction after which time six months of bi-monthly sessions focused on resolving deep bruising and adhesions along legs resulting from the initial injury. Treatment also focused on increasing range of motion and function of right hand.

Over the course of treatment, the patient regained almost complete range of motion and ability to make a fist, recovery of normal sensation in arm and leg, increased ability to focus, return to regular work schedule and normalization of muscle/soft tissue of upper leg. Deeper contusion of lower leg remains but no longer appears as a depression only a coloration variance from surrounding tissue.

It is notable that hand specialist/PT released the client from care when client achieved 115 degree of flexion in her 5th digit/pinkie finger stating no further improvement was likely. With continued acupuncture care, she has been able to recover full range of motion with minimal stiffness related to change in weather.


Patient continues maintenance care every 3-4 weeks.