Women's Health


Often people are drawn to acupuncture when the only other option provided to them is surgery. Long-standing health issues often express with multiple symptoms in many different organ systems of the body. A woman's health is reflected in her menstrual cycle. Treating menstrual disorders often has a global effect in improving overall health and wellness.

Health Concerns

37 year old female with chronic pain disorder and autoimmune concerns, fibromyalgia, fatigue and life-long extreme menstrual pain and migraines. Experiencing vomiting, nausea and debilitating pain, spotting as well as heavy bleeding, increased fibromyalgia pain and fatigue during the menstrual cycle.

This long-standing issue greatly affects her daily life and she is considering a hysterectomy. 


Treatment plan: 3 months of weekly sessions including herbal formulation and dietary recommendations.

Treatment strategy was to strengthen the body and provided with nourishing herbs as well as regular acupuncture to guide the cycle to a regular 28-day course.


Patient experienced a quick improvement in her symptomology; within the first month of treatment she no longer experienced nausea or vomiting,  no migraines since beginning care and the menstrual cycle began to regulate to a predictable length. In the second month of care, fatigue further resolved with only spotting as remaining concern.

Client continues acupuncture and herbal support as we treat this last issue of spotting.