Chinese Internal Arts

All classes are currently held outdoors observing social distancing during COVID-19. Contact us for locations.

Chinese internal martial arts are characterized by their promotion of robust health and effective martial skill.  Training emphasizes naturalness and adaptability through healthy posture, full body movement, and powerful stepping.

The benefits of these practices are many; Increased Coordination & Balance, Improved Posture & Body Alignment, Sharpened Focus & Awareness, Reduced Tension & Stress, Strengthened Body & Mind, Enhanced Martial Art Skills​.​

Current Offerings:

Qi Gong

Mondays 8-9 am

Qi Gong gently combines breathing, posture, movement and awareness to train our internal environment for health and further cultivation. It is very calming, gentle and appropriate for all ages and abilities. Qi Gong is well known the world over for building health and well-being.

Tai Chi

Wednesdays 8-9 am

This class focuses on the development of healthy and harmonious movement through the art of Yang Style Tai Ji Quan. The practice of Tai Ji Quan supports healthy muscle tone, increased balance and agility.  As a bodyweight exercise, Tai Ji Quan is regarded as an effective way to maintain/improve mobility and bone density.  This class is open to all ages and experience levels.

Circle Walking

Fridays 7-8 am

Circle Walking is a unique practice to Baguazhang. It incorporates the principles of internal martial arts into circle walking meditation.


Foundation Practices of Chinese Internal Martial Arts

Saturday morning 7:30-9:00 am

Training internal development and the art of Lu Style Xin Yi Liu He Quan, this class focuses on developing the internal martial arts body. 


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