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Category: Dry Salt Therapy Posts

  • Relieve Asthma Symptoms Naturally with Dry Salt Therapy

    Asthma causes difficulty breathing because the airways are inflamed and restricted. Dry salt therapy has the ability to reduce the inflammation in the restricted airway & improve the flow of oxygen through the lungs.

    Posted on December 01 2020

  • Natural Relief From Cold & Flu Symptoms with Salt Therapy

    Cold and Flu season is in full swing and there are many ways to prepare and keep your family healthy this season. Yes, you can take over the counter and behind the counter medication but that may not always work. So what is another way you can help heal your family? Salt therapy!

    Posted on November 24 2020

  • Salt Therapy Helps with Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

    Allergies could be very discomforting, with the constant runny nose, sneezes, itchy teary eyes, and recurrent cough that come with the condition, you could have a bad day without treatment. Salt therapy or halotherapy is a natural treatment which reduces the symptoms and frequency of episodes of these allergies.

    Posted on August 13 2020

  • Dry Salt's Therapeutic Benefits for the Mind and Body

    Salt has a long list of uses that stretches beyond food flavoring. Its therapeutic benefits were prized by ancient Greeks, who discovered that salt inhalation was an effective treatment for respiratory problems.

    Posted on July 28 2020

  • Salt Therapy Might Be the Answer to Relieving Your Seasonal Allergies

    Salt therapy (aka Halotherapy) is a spa treatment that uses salt vapor to treat respiratory ailments like asthma, allergies, and cold viruses, along with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

    Posted on July 23 2020

  • The Salty Secret to Better Skin & Health

    Salt therapy as an alternative health practice to help treat asthma and other respiratory conditions is growing in popularity. But does halotherapy – the practice of breathing in tiny particles of salt dispersed into the air to help respiratory and skin problems – live up to the hype?

    Posted on July 21 2020

  • Boost Immunity with Dry Salt Halotherapy

    Let’s talk about the science behind dry salt halotherapy, and all of its amazing benefits. 

    Posted on March 10 2020