Cold and Flu season is in full swing and there are many ways to prepare and keep your family healthy this season. Yes, you can take over the counter and behind the counter medication but that may not always work. So what is another way you can help heal your family? Salt therapy!

Cold and flu normally last between 5 and 10 days. Most who are suffering will have symptoms of sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, nasal congestion, and even sinusitis. Salt therapy can help with all of this.

Types of Salt Therapy? 

There are two main types of salt therapy, wet therapy, and dry therapy. With wet therapy, you are mixing the salts into things like scrubs or baths. Dry salt therapy or also known as halotherapy is a natural and drug-free way of cleaning out the mucus and toxins that are stuck in your respiratory system. Salt therapy is best done in a dry salt chamber. Salt chambers are specifically made to have ground salt particles in the air that are able to reach the deepest parts of your lungs.

Dry Salt Therapy Versus Wet Salt Therapy For Cold & Flu

Using wet salt therapy can help clear out mucus that is stuck in your nasal cavity or help clear it if it is dripping down to your throat. These are the three main ways to use wet salt therapy when you are sick.

Salt Bath Benefits

Salt baths are great for when you are sick because they can help with pulling out the toxins in your skin. Taking out these toxins can help to break up what might be causing you to get sick.

Neti-Pot Benefits.

The reason that using a Neti-pot is great for when you have a cold is it can clear some of the mucus that is causing you to not be able to breathe.

Gargling Benefits

Gargling benefits are similar to those of the neti-pot. But instead of pulling mucus from your nasal cavity it will help to clear it out of your throat. This can help to relieve the pain that you are feeling in your throat.

Dry Salt Therapy

The best type of salt therapy for when you have a cold or the flu is dry salt therapy. Dry salt therapy can help clean out the deeper toxins and mucus that are stuck inside your body. After using wet therapy and still feeling an issue with your respiratory system, dry salt therapy might be your best option during cold and flu season.

Why Is Consistency Key?

Salt therapy is beneficial when it is done consistently. The continual practices of salt therapy are what can keep your immune system strong. The stronger that your immune system is the less likely that you and your family will catch a cold or the flu. Whether it is dry salt therapy or wet salt therapy both can be very effective when done consistently. Visiting your local halotherapy clinic is a great idea if you want to participate in dry salt therapy.

Article Source: The Salt Scene: Using Different Types of Salt Therapy for Cold & Flu

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