Okay so cold showers are good for you, but when is the best time to be taking them?


Cold Showers in the Morning

​As a general rule of thumb, we recommend taking your cold shower in the morning. Why so?

Seeing as the benefits of cold showers include improved alertness and energy, it makes sense to capitalize on these relatively soon after waking.

You should come out of the shower feeling refreshed yet calm, which is a healthy emotional state to carry with you through the day.

What’s more, having a cold shower in the morning rather than in the evening may make it simpler to build the habit.

Although you’ll experience less inner resistance to the cold over time, many people find that it does demand willpower at the start.

And as you’ll know with habit-building, the longer you put something off to later in the day, the harder it is to do!

Therefore, completing your breathing practice and cold shower in the morning hours is often the best way forward.


Cold Showers After Workouts

​Can’t face the idea of cold showers first thing in the morning? Or at least, no just yet? 

One alternative is to include them as part of your post-workout routine.

Cold immersion and ice baths have been a go-to recovery method for elite athletes over the past few decades. 

The ice baths are thought to lower swelling and tissue breakdown, constrict blood vessels, and flush out inflammatory waste products. Worthwhile benefits to take advantage of!


Cold Showers Before Bed

​Though the benefits of cold showers are typically best felt in the morning, that’s not to say you can’t take them at night.

If you’re prone to overthinking and struggle to sleep as a result, cold showers before bed may be worth trying to soothe or free the mind from worries.


Article Source: https://www.wimhofmethod.com/benefits-of-cold-showers 

Written by Declan Davey (Wim Hoff Health Copywriter)


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