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  • Learn Why Athletes Use Infrared Saunas to Treat Muscle Pain & Enhance Performance

    Infrared sauna use will support muscle pain and recovery after an injury in athletes. There are countless sauna benefits for athletes well, and not just for post-workout muscle recovery. Learn how saunas assist in muscle pain relief, functioning endurance and performance enhancement, in athletes

    Posted on March 25 2021

  • Acupuncture Helps Athletes Naturally Heal Aches, Pains & Injuries

    Looking for a safe, effective way to heal the aches, pains and potential injuries that accompany an athletic lifestyle? Learn how acupuncture can enhance athletic performance and to increase recovery times.

    Posted on March 18 2021

  • How to Start Your Cold Shower Therapy Practice

    Okay so cold showers are good for you, but when is the best time to be taking them? Learn how to start your own cold shower therapy practice

    Posted on March 11 2021

  • Intermittent fasting for Weight Loss & Rejuvenation

    Intermittent Fasting is getting a lot of press these days. After a good nine months of comfort and stress eating and binge watching netflix, are you tired of being tired? Lose weight sustainably and healthily, burn fat through tapping into your natural fat burning mechanism, heal the body and get rid of those pesky chronic diseases. All The While Still being able to enjoy your favorite foods!

    Posted on February 25 2021

  • Cold Showers Naturally Boost Your Health

    Posted on February 18 2021

  • Are Cold Showers Good for Your Health?

    Cold showers?! Although it may seem counterintuitive, cold showers can be both soothing and energizing for your mind, body, and spirit. Discover the key benefits of adding cold showers to your daily health and wellness routine.

    Posted on February 11 2021

  • Infrared Sauna Helps Relieve Cold Symptoms

    Is the sauna miracle cure for the cold and flu, as many people claim? The results of some valuable research show that you can reduce the symptoms of the cold and flu and speed recovery if you use infrared sauna therapy in the early stage of the illness.

    Posted on December 08 2020

  • Meet Dr. Kimberly Glow, Our Collaborative Healthcare Partner

    Dr. Kimberly Glow is a board-certified physician who practices Functional Medicine & Integrative Healthcare at Circle of Health

    Posted on November 20 2020

  • Dry Salt's Therapeutic Benefits for the Mind and Body

    Salt has a long list of uses that stretches beyond food flavoring. Its therapeutic benefits were prized by ancient Greeks, who discovered that salt inhalation was an effective treatment for respiratory problems.

    Posted on July 28 2020

  • The Salty Secret to Better Skin & Health

    Salt therapy as an alternative health practice to help treat asthma and other respiratory conditions is growing in popularity. But does halotherapy – the practice of breathing in tiny particles of salt dispersed into the air to help respiratory and skin problems – live up to the hype?

    Posted on July 21 2020

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