We think it's safe to say that many of us experience some form of anxiety throughout our lives. Some of us can go days (even weeks!) without feeling anxiety; while there are others who suffer from it on a day-to-day basis.

Anxiety Disorder—What Is It?

People of the latter are more than likely suffering from an anxiety disorder, which is a blanket term that includes the following conditions:

• Panic Disorder—Random attacks fueled by fear; common symptoms include sweating, pain in your chest and possible heart palpitations 

• Social Anxiety Disorder—Fear of having to deal with social situations 

• Generalized Anxiety Disorder—Worrying for what seems to be no reason at all 


Techniques to Help You Manage

For the most part, everyone who deals with anxiety disorders has their own techniques to help them cope. There is a surplus of methods, the most common being psychological counseling and medication. What a lot of people forget is that there are lifestyle-orientated remedies that can help subdue the effects of anxiety. According to the Mayo Clinic, these include:

• Staying Active— “Exercise is a powerful stress reducer. It may improve your move and help you stay healthy.” Working out definitely helps me as it gets the endorphins pumping and can assist in clearing my mind.

• Try to Cut Back on Alcohol and Smoking—Nicotine and caffeine are two of the most commonly ingested drugs (yes, they fall under the drug category as stimulants) and are known to worsen anxiety.

• Incorporate Stress Management/Relaxation Techniques—Trying things like meditation and yoga are good for starters.

• Make Better Food Choices & Get More Sleep—The saying ‘You are what you eat’ couldn’t ring truer. It’s important to provide your body with quality fuel and give it the rest it not only deserves, but needs!


We discussed with JNH Lifestyles staff member Alex, who explained, "These practices are a great way to start managing your anxiety disorder. I personally choose to try and follow what the bullet points recommend because I don’t like the idea of taking medication. Every day, our bodies are soaking up toxins from the air and the last thing I want is to ingest more chemicals. Three of the above bullet points I’m currently utilizing into my everyday life: staying active, making better food choices and getting more sleep.

"I choose to exercise in the mornings before I start working; it’ll wake you up better than any cup of coffee! When it comes to eating, I try to eat out less and mix a lot of vegetables into my home-cooked meals. They’re a great filler and are packed with nutrients that your body will thank you for. Going to bed at a decent time is probably what's made the biggest difference for me. Waking up fully rested is one of the best feelings in the world!"

If you’re like him, and prefer more holistic approaches to treating your anxiety disorders, you should definitely read on to discover how an infrared sauna can help.


What An Infrared Sauna Can Do for Anxiety

Infrared saunas are one of the most unconventional, but effective devices that can be used in managing and treating anxiety. It doesn’t necessarily battle anxiety directly, but instead helps mitigate the side-effects that come with the disorder. In an article published on The Cut, writer Edith Zimmerman explains how she felt after a sauna session:

“The low-burn anxiety I’d felt about the things I wished had gone differently this past year just disappeared. I felt great. It was remarkable. For a little while it felt as if everything was fully okay. And I don’t know if it was because I was expecting it to, but something about this elevated mood did feel physical — for the rest of the night I felt looser, clearer, as if my brain had been released of something and lifted up to a slightly higher level.” 

It truly is amazing what heat stress (a sauna session) can do for the human body, especially when it comes to helping treat psychological disorders like anxiety. Some of the benefits that infrared saunas can do to alleviate the effects of anxiety are:

• Improve Sleep

• Induce Relaxation

• Detoxify Your Body of Impurities

• Improve Blood Circulation

• Weight Loss

• Overall Pain Relief

These are just a few of the many incredible health benefits an infrared sauna can help you with. They're an amazing tool, and now affordable, that virtually anyone can add one to their home. If you’re struggling to deal with your anxiety disorder and can’t seem to find a remedy that works, try testing one out. Once you experience what a difference you feel after your sauna session, consider adding one to your home; that way you’re not having to travel and pay per session (which can add up!).

Happy Sweating!

Article Source: Help Treat and Manage Anxiety Disorders with these Infrared Sauna Benefits

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